Under the rock
Under the rock
Tales from a girl living under a rock

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I want to talk about Burnie Burns 




I want to talk about how much Burnie Burns loves his employees. I want to talk about how proud he is of his people, and how much respect he has for them. And I also want to talk about how protective he is of them.

I want to talk about how he was worried over Jack having Deep Vein Thrombosis so he called him to check on him a lot.

I want to talk about how he thought Gavin was sad, so he sent him a very nice text about how ‘a home is where people love you’

I want to talk about how he was so worried about there being shotgun shells around Millie, thAT HE BROKE INTO THE RAMSEY’S HOUSE AT 4 IN THE MORNING TO GET THEM

#Someday I will give Burnie a bit hug #RoosterTeeth


Rose Quartz


Rose Quartz


So I never posted my finished Garnet cosplay. Sowwy~ I get so excited during cons, I never really take formal pictures.


Last weekend I took some pictures of my family’s cat. He’s 12 years old so he mainly just sleeps in various spots in the house.

Anyone out there consider themselves handy? I’ve got this idea for a shelf bracket, but idk if it exists, or if it has a name. I’d at least like some advice for a shelf I want to hang up.


engie doodles

also a heavy



What if at the end of A Link Between Worlds, after Link returns the Master Sword, instead of the game ending right then, the first few notes of Fi’s theme played and there was a dialog box that said

"It was a pleasure serving you again, master."

Then the game ends.


Charlie Day + Drunk History

#Shut the fuck up Charlie Day